Coconut Balsamic


Our Coconut White Balsamic is wonderfully sweet, pleasingly tart and redolent with the clean, natural flavor of coconut. It makes a fantastic salad dressing, is divine over fish, or used drizzled over fresh pineapple and other fruit. Sauté shrimp in Persian Lime olive oil finish with a drizzle of Coconut Balsamic. Combine with Persian Lime olive oil and use as coleslaw dressing. Caramelize baby carrots in a sauté pan. Combine with Garlic olive oil for great Thai flavoring & in curry dishes. Combine with Herbes de Provence olive oil for salad dressing. Drizzle a little in a Mimosa. It truly transforms shrimp and scallops! Excellent for fruit salads and adds a cool sweetness to spicy dishes. Suggested oil pairings: Garlic, Harissa, Persian Lime, Herbes de Provence, Roasted Sesame, Lemon.