Happy Citrus Sucker Punch Seasoning


Hoppy Citrus Sucker Punch was named for its incredibly citrusy flavor, and the cascade hops that give it a hint of those bitter notes that taste so good with citrus. Think of your favorite citrus beers and imagine them without that bite- they wouldn’t be nearly as tasty. Translate that into an edible seasoning blend and you have some true blue food magic that is perfect for pairing with your favorite dinner and an ice cold beer.

Our Hoppy Citrus Sucker Punch is hand blended from honey, sea salt, citric acid, lemon, grapefruit, lime juice powder, orange juice powder, orange, black pepper, basil, and cascade hops.

This blend is better suited to being used at the end of the cooking process because it can get very bitter very fast when cooked too long. Citrus and hops alike are fragile and can become overly flavorful when exposed to heat for extended periods.

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