Neapolitan Herb Balsamic


Zesty and versatile, our Neapolitan Herb Dark Balsamic has just the right amount of acidity to shine in a multitude of applications, especially where a savory characteristic is desired. Made from traditional Neapolitan herbs including rosemary, marjoram, thyme, garlic, and sage.

  • Complements a salad, poultry marinade, or BBQ.
  • Drizzle over roasted vegetables or fresh sliced summer heirloom tomatoes.
  • Spike a Bloody Mary.
  • Use as a marinate portabella mushrooms, pork or a thick rib-eye steak before grilling.
  • Fantastic in dressings, with pasta, rice, quinoa, drizzled over cucumbers and tomatoes, brushed on bruschetta or paired with creamy cheeses.
  • Oil Pairings: Garlic Olive Oil, Blood Orange, Lemon or Lime oils, Tuscan Herb and Rosemary Olive Oil.