Seneca Salt Roasted Garlic Culinary Flake Salt


Garlic has enhanced the world’s great cuisines with its irresistible flavor and aroma for centuries.  Our roasted garlic salt puts an exceptional and glorious new spin on this versatile ingredient.  Add out of this world flavor to meats, pastas, salads, popcorn & more.

Salt is simple.  We all use it and we couldn’t survive without this essential element.  Most people think of the ocean when they think of salt, but salt deposits occur inland as well and that’s the case in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York where Seneca Salt Company was born far from any seashore.

Seneca Salt begins in salt veins 500 to 2,800 feet below the surface of Seneca Lake. A brine is produced within the salt vein using lake water. The brine then undergoes an evaporation process creating the purest of all salts, a culinary flake salt. The flakes vary in size and structure which create a salt preferred by many chefs. Enjoy this natural treasure from one of the world’s most beautiful places!

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