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The health movement is here to stay. With flavors almost too good to be true, The Happy Olive is so much more than a store. A second act for owners Vickie and Richard, Bailey, they are inspired by their travels - what a delicious journey. Read full article by Hayley Hill - Access Magazine Mobile/Baldwin

Summery Cocktails with Balsamics

We love to keep a pitcher of balsamic-infused water on the counter.... with a splash of peach, strawberry, or grapefruit that gives water a "wow!" Light white balsamics are a great addition to water or iced tea, and make refreshing summer cocktails too.  A few ideas here... but use your own imagination. Add a cucumber... [...]

Yep – that’s right. Mustard Sommelier!

(June 25, 2018) Traveling in Europe a few years ago….   we discovered the taste of fresh-from-the source mustard from its home in Dijon, France…. and knew we had to try this gourmet technique in our own  Fairhope kitchen. Organically pure mustard without sulfites has a rich full taste you won’t find on a store-bought shelf. […]

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