The Happy Olive Brings Gourmet Gospel of Mediterranean Diet to Lane Parke

(Fairhope, AL)   The culinary emporium known and loved the past 7 years in Fairhope now brings its artisan oils, blended balsamic vinegars and zeal for the Mediterranean Diet to Mountain Brook, Alabama. The Happy Olive’s newest store will open at Lane Parke October 14th. Owners Vickie and Richard Bailey carefully select oils from their [...]

The Good Stuff – Access Magazine

The health movement is here to stay. With flavors almost too good to be true, The Happy Olive is so much more than a store. A second act for owners Vickie and Richard, Bailey, they are inspired by their travels - what a delicious journey. Read full article by Hayley Hill - Access Magazine Mobile/Baldwin

Summery Cocktails with Balsamics

We love to keep a pitcher of balsamic-infused water on the counter.... with a splash of peach, strawberry, or grapefruit that gives water a "wow!" Light white balsamics are a great addition to water or iced tea, and make refreshing summer cocktails too.  A few ideas here... but use your own imagination. Add a cucumber... [...]

Yep – that’s right. Mustard Sommelier!

(June 25, 2018) Traveling in Europe a few years ago….   we discovered the taste of fresh-from-the source mustard from its home in Dijon, France…. and knew we had to try this gourmet technique in our own  Fairhope kitchen. Organically pure mustard without sulfites has a rich full taste you won’t find on a store-bought shelf. […]

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