Oils & Balsamics

We choose each artisan oil carefully to ensure optimum “crush” dates that follow harvest seasons around the world. Winter and Spring bring our monocultivar oils (Frantoio, Arbequina) from countries of the Northern Hemisphere including Italy and Spain. In the Summer and Fall, we stock oils from Chile, Australia and others of the Southern Hemisphere.

In addition, we pour international award-winners assessed with terms like “intense fruitiness”… “complex and harmonious notes of freshly cut grass”… or “hint of tomato, green apple and green almond.” Like the finest wines, the world’s best are rated “exceptional” with an almost-surgical review at events like the annual New York Olive Oil Competition.

Balsamic vinegars come in a vast variety that complements specific oils and just about anything in the kitchen! Drizzle maple balsamic on pancakes. Try dark chocolate or espresso balsamic on steaks or burgers. How about grapefruit white balsamic in a martini? The options are endless.
We select and import our balsamics from a premium source in Modena, Italy. Sample a pairing – and find your favorite!

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