La Vera Smoked Sweet Paprika


The most coveted and delicious paprika comes from near the original monastery garden where the monks first began growing chiles and making paprika. This garden was located in the Titer River Valley region of La Vera Spain. Paprika produced here is thought to be the absolute best quality ever produced.

This paprika is excellent on seafood and rice dishes, but it also makes a tasty addition to almonds.

It is also delicious in cheesy dishes, on grilled meats, or with roasted vegetables. A quick rub for chicken or vegetables before they hit the grill can be made by combining paprika with olive oil to taste and then using that mixture on the food. The spice imparts some extraordinary flavor while the olive oil helps keep the food from sticking.

This paprika ranks low on the SHU scale, usually ranking at about 500 SHU. 

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